During normal hours

If your emergency occurs during normal hours then you should contact the surgery where one of our experienced receptionists will talk you through what you should do.

If your animal is bleeding profusely you should apply immediate and direct pressure to the wound and come straight to the surgery, ideally contacting us on the way so we can prepare for your arrival.

Similarly if you believe your pet has ingested something they shouldn’t have, especially medication, you should contact the surgery and arrange to bring your pet to us. You should bring any packaging from medication your pet may have ingested.

Out of hours emergencies: 01592 753231

If your emergency occurs out with normal hours you will need to contact the on call vet. Our full time vets take turns being on call overnight and during the weekends. This means you will be seen by one of your usual vets at our Glenrothes Clinic and the vet will have access to your pets’ history. Please try to use this service for genuine emergencies only.

In the event of an emergency you should contact the surgery on 01592 753231 and listen to the answering machine message. This will give you the contact details of the vet on call.

The vet will normally ask to see your pet at the practice as most emergencies cannot be suitably dealt with at home. If you require transportation there are many taxi companies who are happy to transport animals. There is an additional charge for out of hours’ treatment and this varies depending on the time of day the vet is called. Payment for all emergency treatment must be made at the time of services rendered. If your pet is insured these costs may be claimable depending on your policy details.

As all vet practices must provide an emergency service for their clients, you should always contact the Veterinary Surgery that your pet is normally treated by. This is because they will have a full clinical knowledge of your animal, any medications they are on or conditions they may have.

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