How do I get rid of fleas?

Prevention is always better than cure when it comes to fleas but if your pet does get them, a spot on can quickly and easily kill the fleas. If your pet has had fleas for a long time or has a large flea burden you may need to treat your home. We can supply flea sprays which will kill any fleas in your home.

Most of the flea treatments we sell are prescription only medicines. This means that we cannot sell these unless your pet has been seen by one of our vets. We do have a new veterinary only product called Eliminal in stock which we can sell ‘over the counter ‘ which protects from and kills fleas and ticks.

It is always better to treat with a product which kills the fleas. Most products available in pet shops and supermarkets only work to repel the fleas which will not adequately treat your pet or home.

We would recommend that your pet is treated either monthly or every 2 months with a quality spot-on flea application such as Eliminal to prevent infestation. This should begin when your pet is a kitten/puppy and the regimen depends on the product used.

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