We offer vaccinations against all the diseases that are commonly vaccinated against (including kennel cough for dogs) and our vaccination regimen has been designed by ourselves to provide maximum protection whilst minimising vaccinations given to your pet to help prevent the phenomenon of “over vaccination”.

Our usual protocol is to start a puppy’s vaccinations at 7 weeks old with a 2nd vaccine given at 10 weeks of age. Kittens are usually vaccinated at 9 weeks and 12 weeks old. For both dogs and cats this initial protocol is then followed by yearly boosters and an optional additional parvo virus vaccination at 16 weeks of age for dogs.

Puppy/kitten vaccination package

We offer a complete vaccination package for your new puppy or kitten for the low price of £57 for dogs and £60 for cats. This package has been designed by us to offer you everything your puppy or kitten needs for the best start in life. Once you are registered with Kingdom Veterinary Clinic you are entitled to use our 24 hour emergency service staffed by our own vets from our own building.

Join our Kingdom Care Plan

You will also have the opportunity to join our exclusive Kingdom Care Plan which offers you discounts on initial vaccinations, a free microchip (cats only) along with your pets’ annual vaccinations, a year’s supply of wormers and flea treatments and 2 health checks a year all for a low monthly direct debit. As a member of the Kingdom Care Plan you are also entitled to a discount off neutering, dental treatment and medications as well as pet food and waiting room sales.

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